Feb 6 - March 13

The Leg Up Lectures

Both experienced and eager new runners can be smarter runners. Smart runners seek to understand their bodies and keep learning how to be better at what they love. Draw upon our extensive knowledge of running, how to improve your biomechanics, training plans, and more with our free, 6-week lecture series. Get a leg up!

The Leg Up Lectures will be led by our General Manager, Travis Hobbs, here at the store. Each lecture will be followed by a Q&A period. When you attend any lecture, you will receive an exclusive email afterward with the night's information. Come to all or choose which nights you'd like to participate in. It's all free.

I. Build an efficient and effective training plan
Learn about the 6 areas of the training puzzle and how to make them work together.
RSVP for Monday, February 6 @ 7 PM

II. Stride mechanics and leg turn over
Improve efficiency and build raw speed, from normal training runs to your finishing kick.
RSVP for Mon, Feb 13 @ 7 PM

III. Increasing range of motion and body strengthening
General strength and conditioning to build injury resistance and increase efficiency.
RSVP for Mon, Feb 20 @ 7 PM

IV. Nutrition, supplements, and energy levels
The nutrition choices that work for one person don't always work for the next. Get a look at what products are out there and how your body uses them.
RSVP for Mon, Feb 27 @ 7 PM

V. Maintaining fitness while injured
Learn how to still be active while recovering from injury by adapting your training.
RSVP for Mon, March 6 @ 7 PM

VI. Peaking for your goal race 
The little things add up to make excellence happen. Maintain the balance of training and life so that you peak when you need to.
RSVP for Mon, March 13 @ 7 PM

About the Lecturer: Travis Hobbs has a B.A. in Kinesiology (with a focus in human performance and rehabilitation), as well as an M.S. in Exercise Physiology. As a 3-time national qualifier in college Track and Cross Country, combined with his 10 years of coaching high school track and cross country athletes, Travis is both knowledgeable and passionate about sharing how to run smart.

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