48 Thoughts You Have During Your First 5K

For a first-time 5K runner, your inner monologue during the race can be a blessing or a curse. Here are 48 totally normal thoughts you have during your first 5K race.

  1. I'm so ready for this.
  2. But nervous. I'm more nervous.
  3. What if I trip?
  4. What if I twist my ankle?
  5. What if I don't finish?
  6. It's not a big deal if I don't finish... right?
  7. No. I'll finish. Even if it's three hours from now.
  8. Wow, she looks fast. Moving away from her.
  9. And that little kid. I can't have a little kid beating me.
  10. Are they going to start soon? I don't want to wait any longer. Let's get this over with.
  11. Jeez, that scared the crap outta me. I didn't know they shoot a gun.
  12. Why are we not moving yet? This is like a delay at a traffic light.
  13. Here we go. Is it too late to back out?
  14. There sure are tons of people. I'm definitely going to trip.
  15. Phew, didn't trip. That was a miracle.
  16. This isn't too bad. I'll be OK.
  17. The herd is thinning out, too.
  18. Dang it, there's that little kid. He's totally passing me. Speed up.
  19. Nope. Too fast. Gonna die.
  20. Is it considered quitting if I stop to walk for a little bit?
  21. Too late.
  22. How much longerrrrrrr?
  23. What does that sign say? Only mile one? MILE ONE??
  24. I'm gonna need a drink after this. Or now.
  25. Why did I sign up for this? I could be watching Game of Thrones right now.
  26. What would Jon Snow do in this situation? Jon Snow could finish a 5K, for sure. Do it for Jon Snow.
  27. Now run. Run slow. But run.
  28. Thank you, mister volunteer, for cheering me on. I definitely needed someone to tell me that "You Can Do It." I can do it.
  29. Thank goodness for my girl Rihanna. This is my jam.
  30. Already mile two? Yaaaaasssssss.
  31. Crap, I think I'm getting a blister. I'll own this battle wound proudly.
  32. Gah, what's that pain my side? Is this one of those things they call "stitches"?
  33. Ouuuuuuccchhh.
  34. Why do they call it a stitch anyways? That sounds pretty extreme.
  35. OK, it's going away. Thank goodness.
  36. Hey, I know him. Act like I'm not about to die. Smile through the pain.
  37. I'm never running again.
  38. Wait, is that the finish line? THE GLORIOUS FINISH LINE!
  39. I don't really know how but I'm speeding up right now.
  40. Push. Push. Push. Almost there.
  41. Was that the little kid from the starting line I just passed? Miracles do happen.
  42. I feel famous with all of these people cheering me on. I'll take it
  43. Haaaaaaa-llelujah.
  44. Oh. My. Gosh. That was not fun. Legs like jelly. Must sit.
  45. A medal? For me? I'm so awesome.
  46. I deserve nachos after that. And a beer. Or two.
  47. I'm totally Instagramming my medal. And my race number. Picstitch, here I come. 
  48. When's the next one?


By Erica Schuckies

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