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Holiday Gift Ideas

We know Holiday Shopping for your running family and friends can be tricky - it goes beyond a good pair of shoes (though we can help with that too).

We've compiled a list of our favorite products for all types of runners so you don't have to overthink it:

For the Weekend Warrior

  • More tech socks, so they don't have to search around in the morning
  • Running sunglasses, so they don't have to squint at sunrise
  • GPS Watch, so they can sync their run to social media and brag to everyone still in bed
  • Running belt to hold their keys and money to grab coffee after their run
  • Post-Run sandals to relieve their poor feet while the run errands the rest of the day
  • Superfeet Dress Insoles, so their feet are supported during the work week too

For the Night Owl

  • Reflective half-zips to stay warm and be seen
  • Caps and hats for cooler weather
  • Mace - better safe than sorry
  • Reflective vests, headlamps and other light-up accessories

For the Race Fanatic

  • Singlets, so they can be stylishly fast
  • Body Glide, so they can stay chafe-free
  • Lock Laces, so they never have to stop to tie their shoes
  • Addaday massage tools, so you don't have to hear about their IT Band problems
  • GPS watch, so they can track their improvements
  • Compression socks or sleeves, so they can avoid nasty shin splits

For the Trail Blazer

  • Wool half-zip, so they can stay dry and warm in any terrain
  • Nathan Hydration Pack, so they don't have to plan their route around nearby gas stations
  • Mace - better safe than sorry
  • GPS watch, so they don't get lost
  • Superfeet inserts, so they're fully supported on unstable terrain

Stocking Stuffers

  • Socks - you can never have too many
  • Body Glide - no one likes chafing
  • Hand-held Addaday massage tools - you won't have to play masseuse 
  • Gels, bars, chews, etc - mix and match; you're bound to find something they like

Still not sure what to get? We have giftcards available in any amount!

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