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Choosing a sock that works for your feet and your activity level is a critical component of Fleet Feet Sports’ FITLOSOPHY. Consider the fact that your sock is the layer of material that sits directly next to your skin and is intended to comfort and protect your feet. So, why not pick a pair that F.I.T.s the best on your feet?

At Fleet Feet Sports we recommend that you wear a non-cotton, breathable sock for running, walking or other fitness activities. Here are the Top 5 Reasons why we make this recommendation:

  • At rest, the average foot releases ½ cup of sweat each day.
  • On a 5 mile run, your feet produce enough sweat to fill an 8 ounce glass 55% of foot perspiration evaporates through the shoe’s upper. The other 45% is absorbed in the sock and footbed of your shoe!
  • Two trillion bacteria live on your feet (that’s 12% of all bacteria on the human body).
  • The naked foot temperature is 94 degrees. The non-active foot in a shoe has a temperature of 105-125 degrees. This temperature increases with activity level.

So come in and try out a pair of socks, you will be overwhelmed by the difference.

Prevention and Treatment

This is where we shine.  Our team prides itself in having the best knowledge and products in the industry to help prevent and treat the most typical (and not so typical) athletic and life injuries.  We continually train ourselves so that we are familiar with all ailments and can offer suggestions to help.  Most of the tools we offer require education on how to use them, and we are more than happy to take time to explain and demonstrate for you.  

Injury prevention and treatment is something we are passionate about because we feel running with pain, or not being active because of pain is completely avoidable if proper care is taken.  

*Please consult a healthcare professional if you are experiencing chronic pain!  If you are having problems we encourage you to get it checked out and taken care of sooner rather than later. Just think, the sooner you take care of it the sooner you can get back to doing what you love.

Stay Hydrated

Whether you need the best in class Hydration Pack for your Marathon or 50 miler, a hand held for mid-day training, or Electrolite Replacements; we have it all and more!  From Nathan and Ultimate Direction, to Nuun, Fluid and Salt Tabs; we have your every need covered! 


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