Not all fitness and running apparel is created equal. While you may see your favorite brand name on that shirt and it says “running” does not mean it is designed or constructed for your sport of choice. What makes the apparel we carry different?  Click to Shop On-Line

Running apparel is built specifically for runners and the unique demands they put upon their bodies. Fabrics used in running apparel are hydrophobic and thus pull moisture away from your body and out so it can evaporate quickly, thus keeping your body core temperature regulated during the hot temps and cooler ones. This also keeps your garment cool, light, prevents chafing and the wet heavy soggy cotton shirt effect. Typically running apparel is seamless or stitch free so that there are no irritation points. If you look closely at the fibers and yarns you can notice a honeycomb shape to the knit which is a highly effective design process to maximize efficiency of the fabric. This is not a line of products you will find in your discount store even though the name may be the same, the construction tells the story. Once you wear a true technical piece, you will be hooked on comfort and performance value.

The great technical apparel we carry  can help you perform better and stay comfortable while doing it!

Cotton vs. Technical Fabric

Cotton shirts collect moisture and sweat resulting in a heavy/wet material.  This combination causes you to become cold in lower temperatures and quick to tire in warmer temperatures.  Chaffing of your skin is an undesirable side effect of wearing cotton during fitness activity.

Cotton underwear/boxers will become wet and heavy when combined with moisture and may lead to chaffing.  Running shorts are lined with a brief or compression short made of technical fabric designed to dry quickly and pull moisture away from your skin.  Technical running underwear is also available if you are partial to an added layer of protection.

Most people experience thigh chaffing when running/walking in cotton shorts.  Compression shorts (which can be worn by themselves or under loosly fit shorts) provide the protection needed between thighs to avoid uncomfortable chaffing.  Men and women alike experience this.  Body Glide is a lubricated product that will protect any  (and we mean ANY) part of the body that may experience chaffing.

Layering technical fabrics will ultimately keep you warm in extreme conditions.  When air is trapped between wicking fabric layers the moisture is able to evaporate while the material protects you from the elements.  A sweatshirt may keep you warm while it is dry, but just like a cotton shirt, it does not wick moisture from your skin.  Technical jackets provide warmth, breathability, reflective elements and are coated in DWR to keep you dry in the case of rain, wind, and snow.

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